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You are welcome to our meetings on Sunday mornings at 11am



Open house every friday night at 20:00

Great music, great time,

Great church for you 



Many are seeking. Everybody has spiritual needs. The Bible
says that man is created to have fellowship with God.

The Bible also teaches us that we sinned and that sin disconnects
the fellowship between God and man.We believe that Jesus Christ is
the answer, as it is written on the front wall of the church

We can rightfully say that sin is the root of all evil
Sin is the problem and Jesus is the solution.

The case is simply.Jesus Christ is one who
saves us from our sin and reconciles us with God.

So Jesus is the answer, for this life and the
coming life.We believe that the purpose of life starts
when we make Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives.  

In 1 Corinthians 1.9 says:  "God, who has called
you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our
Lord, is faithful."  Have you answered the call?






Look at our pictures from our latest Kenya trip in Marz 2011:















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Blessed mission trip to Vopnafjörður east Iceland
see album for photos


Great mission trip to Isafjörður West Iceland

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