Hvernig getur nokkur maður kallað það heilbrigðisþjónustu?

Og þetta er að gerast í okkar siðmenntaða                               heimi í dag.

Eftirfarandi frétt sem mér var send í tölvupósti vakti                                 óhug minn og ég spurði sjálfan mig, hvernig getur nokkur                    maður fengið af sér að framkvæma slíkt voðaverk?                                   Hvernig getur nokkur þjóð sem siðmenntuð vill kallast                               leyft slíkt og kallað þetta heilbrigðisþjónustu?                                        Greinin hér að neðan lýsir því hvernig barn er fjarlægt                                  úr móðurkviði og deytt á hrottafengin hátt…….ensamt löglegt

October 20, 2006

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Yesterday, I turned on the TV to TBN, and felt compelled to watch something I do not ordinarily watch, and I know it was the Lord. The show was Rod Parsley on Breakthrough Ministry, and he was talking about the critical need for us to send our request to the Supreme Court regarding the petition on Partial Birth Abortion.

He said that on NOVEMBER 8, the justices of the Supreme Court will be hearing the case of Gonzalez vs. Carhart, which will determine once and for all the Partial Birth Abortion decision. Many people thought that it was already determined because President Bush had signed a document on it, BUT opposers to it have taken it to the Supreme Court, as you may know, for a final decision, and so it is imperative that we also pray for the hearts of these judges who will render their decision.

Horrifying Details of a Partial Birth Abortion

I was so absolutely horrified when a former nurse who had actually worked in an abortion center, described in detail the procedure, and what she experienced while working there. When she went to work there, she was under the assumption that the babies would not be alive.

However, that assumption proved false. She described a situation where a 26-year old woman, who was the first client of the day, had been brought (dragged) to the center by her parents and husband, because she was to give birth to a down’s syndrome baby, and they did not want the child, though she did. The 26-year old mother cried and cried, so the clinic decided to do her first. They gave her something to calm her down, so that she would not upset the other clients who were also there for abortions.

Once in the room, to the nurse’s complete shock, she saw the doctor pull the child from the mother’s cervix. He pulled the baby out, but left the head in three inches so that he could not be accused of „murder.“ The baby’s heart was beating, it was moving, and its little feet were kicking. The baby was pulled out feet down–then the doctor took some scissors and plunged it into the back of the neck of the child at which point the nurse saw the child jerk and then go limp. The doctor then took a suction machine (a little bit like a vacuum cleaner) and sucked the brains out of the child and discarded them.

To the staff’s surprise, the mother insisted on seeing her baby, so they wrapped up the baby, got her up, and presented it to her in a blanket. The mother screamed a horrific scream and cried hysterically, „God, forgive me–I did not want to do it!“ The nurse said that after several more clients received the same procedure, she was so physically ill, she could never return again—and she is now speaking out against it. I was sickened to hear and see what was done, and to realize overwhelmingly the utter devastation of that „choice“–and just I wept and wept.

And that is why I am sending this to you, asking that you would consider making your voice heard to these justices as I have now done, by going to the website www.breakthrough.net, click on the link to the Partial Birth Abortion Petition, and signing the Partial Birth Petition.

Perhaps you have already signed others, but I really feel the urgency of making our voices heard, speaking life for those who have no voice…I ask that you link with me in prayer for these justices to uphold the constitution, and the 70% of Americans who do not want partial birth abortion, and for those who now know the truth of what is really being done in those abortion clinics in the name of „pro-choice.“

Believe me, I know!!! I realize that some of you have been praying on these issues for a long time–and that it is the very heart of God.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries

Email: kathiewalters.com